Jessica Baio


The 15-year-old, Sacramento based, singer/songwriter loves performing, songwriting, chasing the dream, and sharing her passion for music with others.  Starting at the early age of 10, she’s appeared on Good Day America, performed for the likes of X-Factor star Cher Lloyd, had call-back and private auditions for America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and most recently American Idol.  She was a performing member of “Sing Inc.”, and has taken home the top prize in both the ‘Loomis Basin Has Talent’, and the ‘NorCal Singing Competition’.

Jessica is currently in the process of writing and working with producers on an EP with an expected release time frame of mid-2018.



Live Performaces

Past Performances

December 10, 2017                   Celebration Church                                                        Auburn, CA

December 2, 2017                     Marysville Lighted Christmas                                         Maryville, CA

October 21, 2017                      NorCal Singing Competition Finals (1st Place)              Maryville, CA

September 9, 2017                   Gold Country Fairgrounds                                              Auburn, CA

June 21, 2017                          Commodore Grille                                                            Nashville, TN

June 20, 2017                          Douglas Corner Café                                                       Nashville, TN

November 8, 2015                   Kaseberg Elementary School Family Festival             Roseville, CA

October 24, 2015                    Greenhills Elementary School                                       Granite Bay, CA

September 12, 2015               Gold Country Fairgrounds                                             Auburn, CA

September 18, 2015               Harvest Ridge Charter School                                      Newcastle, CA

September 22, 2015               Franklin High School                                                      Elk Grove, CA

May 10, 2015                         National Anthem – Little League Opener                     Colfax, CA

January 26, 2015                   CBS GoodDay Sacramento – Live Performance          Sacramento, CA

August 15, 2014                    Rocklin Has Talent Finals (2nd Place)                           Rocklin, CA

August 1, 2014                      Loomis Basin Has Talent (1st Place)                            Loomis, CA

May 14, 2014                        Placer County Fair Grounds                                          Roseville, CA  (Sing Inc)

April 13, 2014                       Sacramento Mega Family Expo Talent Show               Sacramento, CA

February 22, 2014               Galleria Mall                                                                    Roseville, CA  (Sing Inc)

January 13, 2014                El Dorado County Fairgrounds                                       Placerville, CA  (Sing Inc)

December 15, 2013            Galleria Mall Christmas Performance                             Roseville, CA  (Sing Inc)

November 2, 2013              Pop Prep Granite Bay for Cher Lloyd                            Elk Grove, CA  (Sing Inc)

October 2013                     Galleria Mall Halloween Performance                             Roseville, CA  (Sing Inc)

July 2013                            Loomis Basin Has Talent (3rd Place)                                Loomis, CA